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Why Choose A Manufactured Home


Factory Advantage

Modular homes are built in a controlled manufacturing environment where the material storage and construction process are protected from weather. Utilization of factory assembly techniques can reduce overall construction time frames, improve efficiencies, and improve affordability all while maintaining quality. Rigorous third-party inspection and code enforcement ensures that not only is modular construction built to the same building codes as site-built, but is generally required to meet higher industry standards.

Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Crafting Something Special

Completed home modules are delivered to the building site where they are installed on a foundation.  Siding and trim are added to complete the exterior.  Inside, some drywall and trim work is done to complete the walls and ceiling sections where modules meet.  The collaboration and craftsmanship results in a manufactured home as elegant and distinctive as any home built onsite.

Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes
Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes

Energy Efficient

Energy Efficient

A manufactured home from Henry Stahla Homes offers comfort and quality while embracing green construction processes.  We are able to maximizing cost savings while at the same time minimize the environmental impact. 

From appliances to insulation, a home from Henry Stahla Homes is built with energy efficiency in mind. Here are a few of the elements that make your home an energy smart home:

  • Vinyl Windows Ensures energy isn’t lost through the windows.

  • Blown-in Ceiling Insulation Allows for better coverage and reduces chances for voids or cold spots.

  • Formaldehyde-Free Batt Wall Insulation Will not settle, which decreases chances of voids or cold spots.

  • Foam Sealed Protrusions Keeps conditioned interior air in, and unconditioned exterior air out.

  • Perimeter Floor Insulation Creates a continuously insulated foundation wall beneath the floor

  • Metal Supply Air Ductwork Allows for higher efficiency and lower friction air flow - completely sealed with tape and mastic

Energy Smart Home | Henry Stahla Homes

Customized & Cost Effective


Perhaps the most important thing that sets custom manufactured and modular home construction apart from existing structures is the ability for buyers to design their dream home. Set aside the fact that custom manufactured homes tend to be more cost-effective than the real estate listings on the market. Materials are bought in massive quantities to build multiple homes each day, not just for 1 home on 1 site. We save money and are able to pass those savings to you.


When people buy custom-built modular homes they get exactly what they want, the way they want it.  Our team of manufactured home designers can discuss numerous floor plan options with an understanding of how they support your lifestyle. You will be able to select the model and floor plan that makes sense for your family size and future considerations.

Pike  Dining | Henry Stahla Homes
Buckhorn Kitchen | Henry Stahla Homes


Designing a kitchen you will love can be a bit overwhelming with all of the options you have. That’s why we’ve put together our Kitchen Center Experience tool to give you a better idea of the customization options you have for your new home’s kitchen. Experiment with different cabinets, countertops, and backsplashes of various colors and finishes to see what you like best. Change the appliances, flooring, hardware, and lighting options to better align with your own tastes. No matter what options you choose, you can always print your design out or save it for future reference.


Planning the appearance of your home’s exterior can be especially challenging without some sort of visual tool to help you out. We have many exterior elevation prints that can help you get a clear picture of the exterior customization options available to you. Try out various siding and shingle combinations to get an idea of what you want your home’s exterior to look like. See how shutters and front doors of various colors clash or complement each other. Once you have a better idea of how you want your home to look, you can also save or print these designs too.


There are endless possibilities for customizing your home,

Here are options available: 

  • Adding a Second Story

  • Changing the Roof Pitch (3/12, 4/12, 5/12, 6/12 or 9/12)

  • Dormers

  • Porches & Decks

  • Garages & Carports

  • Upgraded Bathrooms

  • Higher Ceilings

  • Extended Length Floor Plans

  • Upgraded Appliance Packages

  • Options Custom Granite Countertops

  • Upgraded Moulding Packages

  • Optional Fixture Packages

  • Optional Kitchen Configurations

  • LP Techshield Radiant Barrier Sheathing

  • Full Basements

Some options are handled by outside contractors.

Energy Efficient Manufactured Homes
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